So in my previous post, I talked to you about discovering the power within you...

In this next video, I want to share with you more about my story and how I am here talking to you. It was not an easy journey… without divine intervention, I know most definitely I would not still be alive to write you this email…

I want you to know more about who I am because I want you to realize that I am just like you. We all have our own fears, barriers to success we know we need to overcome, shortcomings, and insecurities. Me opening up to you and sharing you the story that got me here in the first place has definitely been one of my top fears. Opening up to people, being vulnerable, and feeling alone was my NUMBER 1 fear actually before. So I share this to inspire you. Someone who once saw herself as a little nobody immigrant from a small town in the midwestern part of the United States who never wanted attention EVER on her, now going out into the great, big world and taking a stand, sharing her truths and her story of her darkest hours to help others get out of their darkest moments and be able to come to the light.

SERIOUSLY! If it wasn’t for the grace of God and my determination to change my life for the better, 10 years ago, I had no reason to live for really. So here’s my story. I just want to share with you that you are special. Someone cares about you and if you think if there is no one who cares about you, well I DO!


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