Hi you amazing being!

I hope you are enjoying the precious story of your life that is unfolding before you everyday!

My life journey has been interesting this past year but I know everything happens for a reason... I have come to accept the lessons that I have to go through in life, which allow me to gain hopefully beneficial insight that can help others like yourself, so you don't have to go through the same things or make the same mistakes that I have in life.

Alot of struggle to go beyond my comfort zone to be better occurred, alot of soul-searching, self-healing and self-reflection was going on on my end. It hit me like a TON of bricks out of NOWHERE! Have you been going through the same at all?

If you have been going through alot of soul-searching and self-reflection lately, perhaps this story can provide some helpful insight, hope, and show you that there IS light at the end of the tunnel and all the struggle, pain, heartache, letting go, coming to terms with the past to be open for new experiences in the present and future is ALL WORTH IT...


I share all of this because I want to paint the picture of how important it is to take a breather, to learn how to put your ego aside on a regular basis (everyday if you can lol) and once in a while, press the "PAUSE BUTTON" in your life to assess where you are going in life.

Early last year, I asked someone who is a life transformational teacher like myself for advice on how to be the best mentor for others and they gave me this advice:

"Never stop learning. Don't forget about your own personal growth journey
and keep continuing to provide self-care to yourself."

I did thank this person for their advice but I don't know why at the time I got REALLY offended and so many negative thoughts went through my mind like,

" Why did she tell me that? Why, my teachings are not good enough? Of course I know to take care of myself, that's the same message I teach all of my mentees and share to friends and family."

All I know is that my ego was going HAYWIRE! It was a humbling experience though... After my little emotional fit, I went and spent time with myself in nature and meditated on my behavior...

It was quite odd but looking back, I knew it was a wake up call. Life was hectic at around this time of last year, I was planning my 400 guest wedding that I was going to have in May, travelling to many places for the first time all around the world, working on growing my own startup company. I was focused on a million things instead of my own well-being...

It was a reminder from the universe for sure that I needed to press the "PAUSE" button in my life and I had to look at myself... I was accomplishing alot of things off of my dream list
but was I approaching everything in the right way?

My physical and financial health was taking a nosedive with all of the travelling overseas I was doing... I was not taking my business seriously so it wasn't growing as I wanted it to
and I had alot of frustration I kept inside because of that...

I now have overcame all of what was holding me back and do not hesitate to take time for myself whenever I feel overwhelmed or I am not being the happy, energetic, bubbly,
laughing person I usually am.That is a HUGE sign that my soul is not happy and I need to take a time out from life to recharge.

We all need to do this. If something is not feeling right, it really helps to actually take the time FOR YOURSELF to understand why.

Life is hectic.
Life is stressful.
I know.
I hear ya...

But I know so many people ( I can admit to this too!) who don't take this time out for themselves, and let the problem continue to manifest, and years go by and either 1.) nothing changes or 2,) more problems stem from that initial problem and things get alot worse when it could have been taken care of years ago ( this can relate to your health, or relationship problems, or financial problems).

I just want to remind you that you are doing a good job no matter what you do in life.
who you are or where you are in life...

I want to remind you I am still here for you and tell you how beautiful of a person you are.

You have a great story to tell, a great gift to share to the world.

If you are not able to see this for yourselves at this time, do not worry!
I know how it feels to beat yourself up everyday, think the worst of yourself, especially if you make a mistake or fail at something, and be the worst bully and critic of yourself….
And I know how to get out of that endless deadly cycle and end those behaviors...

I was able to help thousands of people change the way they think of themselves
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May the universe and divine creator bless you with so much love and light always,

Crystalline Page

Founder | Crystalline Awakenings