Take Control of Your Life - Self Mastery Course


Take Control of Your Life - Self Mastery Course


Change your life today with 8 simple steps to provide spiritual guidance for the newly awakened soul


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Have you ever wondered:

what is the meaning to my life?

When will I ever be happy?

Why am I here?


Hi, my name is Crystalline Page.


I have pondered these questions for a majority of my life and have a hunch you have done the same...

How do I know this you might ask... I am just like you. I used to go with the crowd, conform with everything that I was told would make me happy:  shopping, malls, eating out at restaurants all the time, going out to party and drink, watching tv, swiping my phone.

I used to go about life like I thought I was a regular person.  But everything was dead.  Everything lacked color, taste, purpose. 2 years into college, I felt I hit rock bottom. I fell into a deep depression after a very difficult break-up and was contemplating suicide.

But I knew there is something more, something that doesn't meet the eye…

I was reminded all of a sudden of the big dreams I had ever since I was a little girl. I knew I was meant to change the world somehow...

Then, my life started to change.



Blessings of love and light always,

Crystalline Page

Founder | Crystalline Awakenings