Higher Self, Third Eye Activation

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Higher Self, Third Eye Activation


Find answers to any of your life's questions by going on a personal journey to explore the inner realms of your spirit and beyond

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I offer a FREE 15 minute personalized consultation for every new student. We discuss what you need help in, your goals, how I can help and if that is something you would want to move forward with. This therapy session(s) can be done in any form that is most comfortable for you: over the phone, webcam, email, or in person if applicable.

If you agree with the suggested plan of work, after a personalized 1 on 1 spiritual journey assessment, I dedicate an entire weekend just to you, exploring with you your issues in life, your blocks, insecurities, and goals for our sessions. I help you connect with your spirit guides to decide which combination of therapies would best assist you with activating your connection to your higher self and open up your third eye in a healthy, balanced way.

Therapies that could be utilized during our sessions:


-Shamanic Energy healing practices

-Healing Crystal and Sage Clearing Sessions

-Akashic Readings

-Oracle Card Readings

-Crystal and Energy Distance Healing Sessions

*In-home sessions include a sage aura clearing, full body energy scan, 7 chakra clearing and charging session with use of crystals, reiki and energy healing transfer.

All of the time we spend together will be recorded for you and a copy will be given to you to review at anytime.


Schedule your FREE spiritual journey assessment today by clicking on the link below