Divine Heavens Spiritual Journey

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Divine Heavens Spiritual Journey


Find answers to any of your life's questions by going on a personal journey to explore the inner realms of your spirit and beyond

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Go on a journey to explore the inner realms of your spirit and beyond by connecting with your spirit guides, dieties or angels.

Together, we will first explore what you are seeking to learn about yourself, whether it be to learn about your past lives, how to heal blocks within your chakras, or to learn what is the next step on your spiritual journey. Then , we will connect with your spirit guides who can best assist you to finding the answers you seek. We will incorporate all types of therapies that would provide the best results for you and your spiritual journey. 

Therapies can include a combination or all if needed: Reiki therapy, healing crystal therapy, recommendation of specific essential oils, Messages from Archangel Michael oracle card readings, Angel cards, Ascended Masters, and Goddess oracle card readings,  channeling session with deceased loved ones, guardian angels or other worldly beings who are a part of your soul family, past life akashic record readings.

Sessions usually run for 60- 90 minutes, depending what you are wanting to accomplish for your session.

Please indicate which method you would like to have your sessions, via email, phone, video chat, or in person if around the Metro Detroit area.

In-home sessions include a sage aura clearing, full body energy scan, 7 chakra clearing and charging session with use of crystals, reiki and energy transfer.

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